Hello, World
I'm Hsu Zhong Jun

I am a software engineer that is committed and proactive in crafting innovative solutions to achieve business objectives and leaving a positive impact on people and society. I am passionate about web development, having over 10 years of experience developing software for various organisations across multiple industries.

I am also eligible for the H-1B1 (Singapore) visa with no petition required.

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Education & Skills

August 2018 - May 2023
National University of Singapore (NUS)

Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) with Honours (Distinction)
Specialisation in Database Systems

Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours (Highest Distinction)
Specialisation in Operations and Supply Chain Management

February 2014 - December 2015
Temasek Junior College

GCE 'A' Levels
H2 Level: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics
H1 Level: General Paper and Project Work

Programming Languages

CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, TypeScript


Angular, Bootstrap, Chakra UI, Django, Git, Jest, JUnit, Linux, Node.js, Nuxt, React, Spring Framework, Vue.js


English, Chinese (Mandarin), Malay (basic)

July 2023 - Present
Software Engineer
Open Government Products (OGP), Government Technology Agency (GovTech)
  • Spearheaded the design and implementation of a DNS indirection layer, enhancing 560+ Isomer websites with DNSSEC and boosting the CSA IHP report card score from 79% to 95%. This innovation ensures swift hosting transitions without agency coordination, expediting service recovery and enhancing operational resilience.
  • Enhanced engineering efficiency by implementing Percy for early visual regression detection, achieving significant man-hours savings through reduced manual workload and optimising the weekly release workflows. This improvement led to faster and safer release of Isomer template changes.
August 2022 - December 2022
Software Engineer Intern
Open Government Products (OGP), Government Technology Agency (GovTech)
  • Streamlined the process of launching new government websites and attaining time savings of almost 50%, by enacting a new management workflow for over 300 users on the Isomer content management system (CMS).
  • Conceptualised a seamless and secure method for agencies to embed Instagram posts on Isomer websites.
  • Implemented a novel solution to boost developer productivity by over 20%, by leveraging GitHub Actions to execute the long-running end-to-end tests, freeing up developer resources to work on more productive tasks.
May 2022 - August 2022
Software Engineer Intern
Visa Inc.
  • Strengthened the Global Promotions and Offers solution against potential fraud by integrating the signup process with Visa internal tools to detect campaign participation by sanctioned individuals and organisations.
  • Optimised promotion management workflows that power over 100 campaigns for Visa cardholders globally.

Work Experience

I have worked with multiple organisations to leverage technology to streamline and improve processes.

I have designed, implemented, tested and delivered a wide variety of web applications and tools using various programming languages and technologies.

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Volunteer Experience

Besides developing software and harnessing technology, I also have a strong passion for open source software. I have worked with organisations such as the Wikimedia Foundation and the Internet Archive to make knowledge more accessible to people, and to transform the world we live in through free and open software.

November 2020 - June 2022
Global Technology Initiatives Manager
Bridges for Enterprise
Spearheaded the adoption of open source principles when developing internal software products, to give back to the wider community through technology.
September 2019 - September 2020
Deputy Welfare Secretary (Undergraduate Studies)
National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU)
Empowered students to raise their concerns about matters affecting their academic studies and to engage stakeholders to improve the well-being of the student population.
May 2019 - April 2020
Vice Chairperson
National University of Singapore Students' Union
Committee for Information Technology (NUSSU commIT)
Facilitated technological transformation and upskilling of NUS students to prepare them for the digital world by overseeing a team of over 60 members in conducting software training workshops and providing IT solutions for the NUS community.